The students are expected to be present on the re-opening and closing day of the school.It is compulsory for every student to attend the morning assembly .It is compulsory for every student to attend the morning assembly.

1. It is compulsory for every student to attend the morning assembly.Those who cannot attend due to some genuine reason should seek permission from the duty teachers.
2. All students are expected to be in school campus by 8.10 a.m. Habitual late comers will have to face the disciplinary action taken by the school.
3. It is mandatory for all students to converse in English during school hours in and around the campus and in the school buses.
4. The students are expected to note down the home –assignment and take it to the notice of their parents
5. Students must obtain at least 80% attendance during each academic year. Great importance is given to the achievement of this goal.In this respect full support from parents and students is expected.
6. If the child takes leave and if he/she doesn’t bring the leave letter on next day it will be recorded as absent until he/she brings leave letter.
7. If a student is absent for 30 days without leave application, his/her name will be removed from the school register.
8. The school expects students to maintain discipline, decorum, punctuality and responsible behavior both in classroom and during the curricular activities in the school.
9. Students are answerable to the school authorities for their conduct both in and outside the school. Hence misbehavior in the street and in public conveyances justifies disciplinary action.
10. Students must refrain from activities which may disturb the order of the school. Any breach of school rules will entail punishment such as suspension & termination.
11. Any kind of damage caused by the student to the school property should make it proper by the student.
12. Students moving in the corridor & up down must walk in silence.
13. Students should avoid littering the class and the school premises and use trash bins provided for this purpose.
14. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, misbehavior, obscenity in any form, is sufficient reason for disciplinary action to be taken against the students.
15. Absence from exam will only be allowed on medical grounds supported by medical certificates from a medical practitioner.
16. Students will be discouraged from taking leave for various functions and ceremonies unless it is absolutely necessary.
17. Students who come to school in their own transport should arrive at school, before the bell rings
18. Students should be neatly dressed. The school uniform is to be worn on every working day. Students who are sloppily dressed or not in uniform will be dealt with strictly.
19. Students are expected to respect the property of others. This includes respect for school property. No students should damage the school furniture, write or draw anything on walls/furniture or in any way damage things belonging to others. Damage done even by accident should be reported at once to the Class Teacher or to the Principal.
20. The school is not responsible for goods lost. It is advisable not to
bring valuable articles(like watches/gold/silver jewellery) to school.
21. Students are not allowed to wear any jewellery to school(no chains, rings, bangles, anklets,bracelets). Girls may wear only one pair of small earrings or studs.
22. Students should always be polite in their conversation and behavior. They should greet their teachers when they meet them. Bullying and use of foul languages are punishable offences. 
23. The school reserves the right to suspend or to take strict disciplinary action against the students whose diligence or progress in studies is constantly unsatisfactory or whose conduct is harmful to other students
24. Students should get their report cards signed by their parents/ guardians within 2 days of the receipt of their report cards and return them to the class teachers. If lost, a fine would be imposed.
25. Students must not miss any teaching /games/ library/ activity period.
26. Students who have been sick on long leave should produce a medical certificate from their doctor on joining school. 
27. Students, who require medical attention during school hours, may be brought by the teacher to the school office where he/she will be attended to minor issues. Incase he/she  needs to be taken to the hospital the office will take prior permission from the parents and the cost has to be borne by the parents only.
28. No one who has been absent on the previous day will be admitted to the class without a letter from the parents addressed to the class teacher stating the reason for the absence.
29. Students who do not take their first term and final term examinations due to illness or some unforeseen mishap will be eligible for promotion at the discretion of the principal.
30. If a student does not abide by the school rules the school has a right to take any disciplinary action such as
• Repeating homework done unsatisfactorily
• Additional homework.
• Exclusion from school activities.
Corporal punishment of student is strictly forbidden.
31. Incase of gross misbehavior or indiscipline the action taken by
the school would be
• Written reprimand to the parents.
• Suspension from school activities.
• Expulsion from school.
32. No student shall indulge in any of the practices given below;
• Spitting in or near the school buildings
• Disfiguring or damaging any school property
• Any form of gambling