Knowledge is the life of the mind

Welcome to Knowledge Academy School


Knowledege Academy School is an English Medium School, located at Pammal. The campus is spread over two grounds with modern facilities and complementing ambience, an ideal setting, to acquire knowledge.

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The students are expected to be present on the re-opening and closing day of the school.It is compulsory for every student to attend the morning assembly .It is compulsory for every student to attend the morning assembly.

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At Knowledge Academy, the curriculum takes on a student-centered approach, whereby children are involved in the learning process.The formal subjects are taught with the allure of the audio-visual medium.

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As a part of holistic development,We at Knowledge Academy School concentrates child’s development physically. We have Archery, Karate, Indoor games, Outdoor, and Athletic events conducted periodically.

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Our Vision

Knowledge Academy School seeks to ensure, all students,regardless of their entry level, will exit from the school with relevant and updated Knowledge and Skills in Languages, Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Arts as well as Islamic Education based on the Holy Qur’aan and Sunnah, that will turn them into God Fearing, Practicing Muslims & Informed, Disciplined,Active & Successful Citizens of the country, Insha Allah

Our Objectives

To make children read, speak & write all the four languages; English, Arabic, Tamil & Hindi appropriate  to  their level/class.

To make them into good  analytical  Thinkers.

To inculcate in them, proper Islamic Values.

To make them read, understand & follow Quran &  the Sunnah.

To make  them into  independent Learners

To make them into God Fearing & Well- Mannered  Students.

To  make  them Technology Literate.