Transportation Process

  1. Providing Van facility is not mandatory on the part of the school. The Van facility is provided as a convenience. All possible care is taken to make the Van facility safe for the student. However, the school will not be responsible for any unforeseen incident.
  1. Van will ply in accordance with existing routes chalked out by the school.
  1. Students are not allowed to board other than the one allotted to them.
  1. Students will be accommodated as per the carrying capacity of the Van.
  1. Students will be dropped at specific points and not at their doorstep.
  1. Discontinuation of school Van service by the student should be informed three months in advance. Failing to do so, will make a parent liable to pay Van fee for the full year (i.e Eleven Months).

The following measures should be adhered by all the parents and the Van users.

  1. To ensure that one parent / adult of the family should be present at the pickup and the drop point every day for student’s up to Standard VI.
  1. If the child is alone and the parent is not available at the stop, then he/she will be brought back to the school and has to be collected back from the school by any family member.
  1. At times when the Van reaches the stop earlier than the scheduled timing it will wait for the child up to the allotted time.
  1. Parents should inform the school authority in writing if and when they bring/take home their Van using children to/from the school.
  1. Parents are instructed to give their contact numbers to the Van driver/attender. Any change in the number should immediately be informed to the front desk.
  1. The students should recite the du’aa while boarding the Van both in the morning and evening.
  1. Unruly and unbecoming behavior(pushing one another, fighting for the seats, using foul language, conversing in mother tongue, teasing passersby) in the Van will lead to disciplinary action against the student.
  1. GPS Tracking system is facilitated for the parents of the van users
  1. All the rules have been laid down for the safety of the Van using children. Hence they should be strictly followed, failing which the transport facility for the rule breakers would be taken off.
  1. Fee defaulters will not be allowed to use the van facility.